Ministry purpose: To serve the Lord Jesus Christ as Doorkeepers in the house of God. We are responsible for welcoming and seating guests as they enter the sanctuary; maintaining the order of the services and receiving the offering. We serve during Sunday Church services, Prayer Ministry, Bible Study, Funerals, Special Events, and sometimes offsite events when requested by the Pastor.

When we meet: Adults meet every 3rd Thursday of the month unless there are other activities taking place. Our meetings will resume the following month due to cancellations. Youth meet every 2 months depending on the fifth Sunday of the month on the previous Thursday.

Meeting time (s): 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm

Meeting place: Main Sanctuary – NMOBC.

Volunteers: Members of New Mount Olive Baptist Church who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and are willing to follow the Mission and Vision of the Church. The youth, ages 8 through 18 years old, do not have to be members of the Church.