Ministry purpose: To encourage and enrich married couples to F.L.O.W. to greatness together through Fellowship, Leadership, Ownership, and Worship. To help them implement plans that will improve the quality of their marriages in areas such as communication, intimacy, finances, and more.

Marriage enrichment promotes a mutual commitment to growth in the marital relationship; helping to develop an agreed upon communication style of talking and listening that works for the couple. It helps our couples learn how to be creative when faced with conflict. This includes the sharing of feelings and the development and maintenance of the desire for and the presence of intimacy through various positive interaction.

When we meet: 7:00 pm

Meeting time (s): Quarterly – 2nd Friday of the month

Meeting place: NMOBC 4th Floor

Volunteers: Married couples of the Church, members of our community, friends, and family who would like to learn about keeping and making their marriages stronger through Godly principles.