Discipleship Development Orientation Ministry

Ministry purpose: To give new members a clear understanding of the significance of their new life in Christ. We explain the responsibilities and benefits inherited due to the Christian experience and define membership in God’s church and how to use God’s Word as the final authority. This class also seeks to emphasize the distinction between church membership and Christian Discipleship.

DDO helps members understand and reaffirm their conversion experience and commitment to Christ and the church. It helps them understand and accept the responsibilities of Christian Discipleship (Bible Study, Prayer, Tithing, Charitable Giving and Worship).

Membership is confirmed by Baptism (submersion);, or a letter of Christian Experience; and are extended the right hand of fellowship.

When we meet: Weekly  (8 weeks) – Sunday  – 4th Floor Conference Room.

Fast Track (2 weeks) 2nd & 3rd Saturday- 4th Floor – Discipleship Development Orientation Room.

Meeting time (s): Sunday: 9:45am – 10:45am  Fast Track Saturday:  8:00am – 12:30pm

Meeting place: Church – 4th Floor

Volunteers: Church members desiring to disciple new members of our church.

Who we serve: All new members and anyone seeking to know more about God.