Ministry purpose: To support and encourage single men and women to accept and   settle into their current status as a single person and allow them to open their hearts and minds up to a greater level of intimacy with God. They will learn how to walk maturely and confidently in the  freedom that God is allowing them to have as singles as they seek His purposes and plans for their lives.

Our singles will also learn to apply biblical instructions to their lives being confident that choosing to live this way saves them from  avoidable disappointments; the loss of self-worth; and self-esteem.  They will gain the confidence they need to live whole and fulfilling lives, as they learn the importance of how and why the Word teaches what it does to prepare them for Godly relationships with the opposite sex possibly leading to marriage. They will gain knowledge of how to break all bondages, realize that they may have a broken heart and how to seek and get healing to become whole.

When we meet: see our online calendar for updates

Meeting time (s): see our online calendar for updates

Meeting place: NMOBC

Volunteers: Member who would enjoy helping to coordinate training sessions to aid and encourage singles as they maintain their singleness.

Who we serve: All Church single members 18-years old and up.