Ministry purpose: To utilize various creative art forms for the sole purpose of sharing the gospel of Christ. While using puppets is entertaining, it is a unique way to teach and learn of God’s will, love, promises, and  purposes for each of our lives. It may also be a great ministry for members who’d enjoy ministering in the background.

When we meet: Every Monday, except for holidays, major Church events, and the Summer Sabbatical. see our online calendar for updates

Meeting time (s): 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Meeting place: 4th Floor – Church – Rooms 426/427

Volunteers: Those that are committed to learning and sharing the gospel through a creative arts ministry.

Who we serve: We enjoy partnering with other ministries and Churches. We also welcome the opportunity to perform at your events. Please contact the Church or send your invitations to the Church attention J.U.M.P. Puppetry Ministry.