As servant leaders, we are intentional about living righteously before God

and others, holding ourselves to the highest standard of His word.

We strive to conduct Church affairs with pure motives, and wise judgement.



As servant leaders, we perform our roles and responsibilities with purpose

and humility for the transformation of people, and the glory of God.




As servant leaders, we intentionally strive to develop spiritually and

vocationally as disciples of Christ. We are adaptable to learning creative

and innovative methods toward the obtainment of our fullest potential.




As servant leaders, we are intentionally responsible with the management

of resources entrusted to our care by God, striving to inspire a culture

of accountability among ourselves, and within the membership.




As servant leaders, we will practice our faith within the community,

always pursuing to contribute to the common good, as we are aware

of the suffering and pain of others.