Ministry purpose: To serve and develop youth ages 6-11 through a thirteen-core value program ending in a Rite of Passage / GEMS Ceremony. We also Holistically Develop youth ages 6-11 to their Full God – Given Potential. P.A.C.K will focus on 13 Crucial Core Values with experiential activities through Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, and Freedom. (This ministry replaces Boy & Girl Scouts for our Church.

When we meet: With Kids Korner on Sunday and AWANA Club on Wednesday

Meeting time (s): Sunday at 11:00 am Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Meeting place: NMOBC

Volunteers: We need volunteers who will participate and support all facets of the program using sound leadership skills as well as showing love and passion for the overall development of your child. Volunteers are expected to attend all scheduled meetings, conference calls, and participate in activities. Volunteers also need to champion the total program in areas of recruiting, development, marketing promotions, and fundraising.

Who we serve: Youth Groups ages 6 – 8 and 9 – 11 years