400 NW 9th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311

New Member Class Schedule

All persons who join the New Mount Olive Baptist Church are expected to attend New Members Discipleship Development Orientation classes. Class times are based on tracks.

Sunday Track Saturday Fast Track
10am-11am 8:30am-1:30pm


Classes are held in the New Members Discipleship Development Orientation class rooms on the 4th floor.


Session 1: Fresh Start: God’s Call to Salvation

Session 2: Life with Meaning: God’s Call to Purpose

Session 3:  Communication with God: God’s Call to Divine Intimacy

Session 4:  Footlights: God’s Call to Study

Session 5:  Character Matters: God’s Call to Christian Disposition

Session 6:  Set Apart: God’s Call to Service

Session 7: I Just Wanna Testify: God’s Call to Witness

Session 8:  What A Fellowship: God’s Call to Relationship