Prayer Team

Prayer must be the foundation for everything we do in life. As we embark on “The Movement”, we will begin, persevere, end and celebrate in prayer. Our Prayer Team will engage a group of highly committed volunteers to pray for the success of our vision, create prayer activities & opportunities for the entire congregation to seek out the power and direction of the Lord with every step we take.


 Celebration Event Team

On the weekend of April 1, we will celebrate our personal and church-wide Commitment to The Movement.  There will be one service Saturday and one on Sunday as we gather to worship and commit ourselves to our vision.  This team will take care of all the arrangements for a glorious worship experience.


 Administrative Support Team

The Administrative Team will make sure all of the printed materials get out to the congregation.  Team members will assist in labeling and folding letters, as well as other clerical duties.  Even if you only have one hour of free time to spare, your skills are needed!


 Children’s Ministry Team

If you are serving children in our church, or would like to help us communicate the vision to them in fun and creative ways to children and their families, then this team is for you!


 Invitation Team

“The Movement” builds of the powerful history of New Mount Olive’s ministry and puts us course to follow God into the future unconditionally. Every member of the church family needs to be informed and involved.  We need volunteers to help deliver that message and share the vision as well as encourage individuals to pray about their participation.  This could include phone calls, internet posts, or hosting a small group in your home.


 Follow-Through Team

People are needed for this team to reproduce the campaign into a smaller form, and to help participants stay the course and provide new members with opportunities to engage their faith in “The Movement”!


 Leadership Event Team

On Saturday, March 31st, our leaders are going to follow the biblical example set by King David and gather for a time of prayer, advance commitment and celebration as they lead the rest of the church to become involved.  We can use several people to assist with facility preparation, event planning, decorating, hosting and a variety of other tasks.


 Legacy and Key Donor Teams

These teams will consist of financial leaders seeking a Kingdom investment opportunity who are fully supportive of New Mount Olive’s leadership and vision and are willing to carry the vision to other financial leaders.


 Youth Ministry Team

It is our desire to reach all of our teenagers and young adults with the vision of our church and invite their support and ideas.  This team is in need of a couple people, from this group, who can make personal contact with their peers, as well as establish the vision in their hearts.


 Media Team

If you are gifted with technology, and want to help us tell our story through pictures, video or other media, here is your place to serve!

Campaign Directors

Bro. & Sis. Charles Holmes

EPIC Event Team

Bro. & Sis. Matthew Bradford

Events Coordinator

Sis. Carol Curry

Leadership Events Team  


Media Team

Bro. Doug Black, Bro. Isaiah Blackmon & Rev. James Melton

Prayer Team

Dr. Cyrus Pettis

Celebration Event Team  

Sis Carol Curry

Administrative Support Team 

Sis. Gwen Elliott

Children’s Ministry team  

Rev. Taraus Fuller

Follow Through Team 


Invitation Team 

Bro. & Sis. Tony Franklin

Legacy Donor Team   

Bro. & Sis. Michael Hardy and Bro. & Sis. Benjamin Williams

Key Donor Team  

Bro. & Sis. Moses Barnes

Youth Ministry Team 

Rev. James Melton