In February 1979 when Reverend G.E. Weaver led this congregation across Ninth Avenue into this new sanctuary, it was faith in God that led them every step of the way. They could not see the future, but it was clear to them that they were following God.  

I am convinced that God is calling us into a “movement” that will position us to touch people in our community with the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  I also believe that this “movement” will also bring another to a point of greater spiritual integrity, intimacy with Jesus Christ and power that will impact our day to day living.

According to the brief Church History written by Mrs. L. Goolsby Daye for the  Church’s 41st Anniversary program booklet,  “As of August 31, 1960, the membership  [of the Greater New Mount Olive Baptist Church]  had increased to approximately 1700,”  toward the end  of Rev. Lee’s Pastorate. By 1982, three years after Rev. Weaver had led the congregation into our new  edifice [where we presently worship],  the Church’s membership was reported to be “more than 3500.”   In 1993, in celebration of Mount Olive’s  75th Anniversary, the Church issued a  Diamond Jubilee Pictorial Directory  that included a list  of  4,853 members of the Church. In October 2008,  shortly before the Church’s 90th Anniversary, the Church’s computerized membership roster contained 10,072 names, of which 9431 persons were listed as “active members”,  and  641 as “contributors”, whose occasional gifts amounted to more than  $100 each.

The author of Acts reminds us nine times between Chapters 2 and 11 that the more obedient, willing to sacrifice and loving we are towards each other, the more He “added to their numbers.”  Join us in “The Movement!”  Our journey begins with faith, will be sustained by hope, and will be blessed by God.

Your Brother in The Movement

Dr. Marcus D. Davidson

Senior Pastor